Classic Racerback (White)

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Classic cotton tank with a flattering racerback. Made with undyed organic cotton fabric, thread and labels. 100% organic cotton, down to the thread.

This shirt is completely undyed, all natural and organic. Conventional clothing is grown with harmful pesticides and dyed with toxic petroleum-based dyes, including dyes known to cause cancer. This shirt is just pure, clean cotton.

This shirt is made with GOTS certified organic cotton fabric and thread. Certification under GOTS requires every company involved in the supply chain to meet specific labor standards for socially responsible textile production.

The fabric is sourced from rural China and then manufactured into shirts and naturally garment-dyed in the U.S. by ethical companies that provide their employees fair wages and safe working conditions.

This shirt is made with GOTS certified organic cotton fabric and thread. GOTS stands for the Global Organic Textile Standard. It's the highest international standard of organic a textile can attain. To be certified under GOTS, every single step in the creation of the cotton product, from the growing of the cotton, to the processing of the cotton into fabric, is reviewed and has to meet strict environmental standards.

In addition, this shirt is undyed. No dyes equals no runoff and no water used for dyeing.

  • Organic cotton fabric, thread and labels
  • No dyes or harmful chemical whiteners
  • No industrial fabric softeners or optical brighteners, in contrast to most conventional (and even other organic) apparel
  • Pull over style
  • 26.25" long and 32" at chest for size S
  • The model is 5'5" and wearing a size XS

  • Care Instructions: Machine wash on gentle cycle using a mild detergent. Tumble dry low.

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