Naturally-dyed HairPeaces

$ 12


Dual function HairPeaces make a stunning bracelet between hairdos. Don't settle for unattractive hairbands on your wrist when you can have this statement piece.  Made with organic non-violent silk, organic cotton and natural rubber and dyed with natural dyes. Hand-dyed using traditional shibori techniques. Each one is unique.

Unlike conventional and other organic clothing, which is dyed with petroleum-based dyes, Sustain's HairPeaces are naturally dyes with dyes from plants and, in the case of the mauve HairPeace, insects. No harmful synthetic chemicals here. Just nature.

Each HairPeace is made with organic non-violent silk. Conventional silk is created by boiling the moth alive in order to remove the silk cocoon. For our non-violent silk, the moth is allowed to emerge alive before the discarded cocoon is harvested for its silk fibers. The non-violent silk is ethically raised in rural India on small family farms. The yarn is spun and the fabric is woven in small mills in India.

In addition, the elastic is made with GOTS certified organic cotton and natural rubber. Certification under GOTS requires every company involved in the supply chain to meet specific labor standards for socially responsible textile production.

These HairPeaces are hand-dyed with natural dyes. Natural dyes are the most sustainable type of dye known. Natural dyes do not produce toxic run-off like conventional (and some organic dyes) and natural dyes remove carbon from the air during the plants' growth. (Both plant dyes and insect dyes require the growth of plants, in the case of insects, as a source of food.) In fact, the plants grown for natural dyeing actually remove more carbon from the atmosphere during their growth than is released during the dyeing process, meaning natural dyes have a negative carbon footprint, helping to reverse the cause of global climate change.

In addition, each HairPeace is made with elastic made of GOTS certified organic cotton and natural rubber. GOTS stands for the Global Organic Textile Standard. It's the highest international standard of organic a textile can attain. To be certified under GOTS, every single step in the creation of the cotton product, from the growing of the cotton, to the processing of the cotton into fabric, is reviewed and has to meet strict environmental standards.

  • ethical, organic non-violent silk
  • GOTS certified organic cotton
  • natural rubber
  • 6.75" in circumference

  • Care Instructions: Rinse by hand when needed with a mild, pH-neutral detergent. Air dry.


    Sustain by Kat

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