Organic Eye Mask

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If you are like us, you are very careful about what goes on your face. We avoid cleansers, creams and makeup with harmful chemicals, so why should our face mask be any different?

This eye mask is made from luxuriously soft organic peace silk dyed with organic indigo.  No synthetic chemicals here - just all natural silk and plant dyes for a stressless sleep.

Ethically designed and manufactured in Los Angeles.

Made with organic non-violent silk, organic cotton fabric insert and dyed with organic indigo leaves. Hand-dyed using traditional shibori techniques.

Each one is unique.

Unlike industry-standard petroleum-based dyes, this eye mask is naturally dyed with organic indigo leaves.

No harmful synthetic chemicals here. Just nature.

Ethically made all the way through.

From start to finish, every company involved in Sustain's supply chain provides fair wages and safe working conditions.

Made with organic non-violent silk and GOTS certified organic cotton batting and fabric (in the insert) - the highest standard in organic.

Also, the plants grown for natural dyes remove more carbon from the atmosphere during their growth than is released during the dyeing process, helping to reverse the cause of global climate change.

Care Instructions: Wash by hand when needed with a mild, pH-neutral detergent. Air dry.

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