Over-the-Ear Organic Face Mask

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Reversible face masks made with plant-dyed organic cotton and natural rubber elastic. One side is plant-dyed mauve, the other is a handwoven organic cotton with plant-dyed stripes. Safe for your face.

Internal nose wire allows mask to be shaped around the nose for increased visibility (also works better for glasses). Strap length is adjustable with elastic knot hidden in the side pockets. Small 2" opening at the bottom of the mask can be used to insert a flexible filter if desired (additional filter not provided).

The mask is approximately 7.5 inches (19 cm) across and 4 inches (10 cm) long at side seam.

Ethically designed and manufactured in Los Angeles using upcycled organic cotton production remnants and handloomed plant-dyed organic cotton.

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While most clothing and accessories use synthetic fabrics and dyes (even organic ones), our masks are made with 100% organic cotton and natural plant dyes, including madder roots and the heartwood of a logwood tree.

Madder root is one of the oldest natural dyes, known for its ability to make beautiful reds. It has been safely used for thousands of years, since at least ancient Egypt (cloth dyed with it has even been found alongside the possessions of King Tut).

Logwood dye is extracted from the heartwood of logwood trees. It has been safely used in Europe since the 1500s, and by the Mayans for hundreds of years before that.

Ethically made all the way through.

Sustain makes sure every company involved in the supply chain is ethical and provides fair wages and safe working conditions.

The woven organic cotton is handloomed and hand-dyed by a charitable trust focused on making handlooming a profitable, fulfilling, sustainable and dignified income-earning activity through spinning, weaving, design, marketing and entrepreneurial training in several weaving centers in India. All employees, the vast majority of which are women, are ethically treated and paid fair wages.

The solid colored organic cotton is from an ethical factory in China that provides fair wages and safe working conditions.

The fabric was locally manufactured into masks in Los Angeles.

Made with GOTS certified organic cotton jersey fabric, and GOTS certified organic cotton trim and thread - the highest standard in organic. Every single step in in the creation of these materials, from the growing of the cotton, to its manufacture into thread and fabric, is ecofriendly.

The handwoven fabric is organically grown on small family farms in India.

Made with:

  • GOTS certified organic  cotton and handwoven organic cotton
  • Natural rubber elastic covered in undyed GOTS certified organic cotton
  • 100% GOTS certified organic cotton sewing thread at the seams

Care Instructions: Machine wash on gentle cycle using a mild, pH neutral detergent. Tumble dry low.

For sanitary reasons, we cannot except returns on face masks.

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