Plant-dyed Harem Pants

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Comfy yet stylish naturally dyed harem pants. Made with organic cotton fabric, thread and labels and dyed with natural plant dyes. 100% natural, down to the thread.

Unlike conventional and other organic clothing, which is dyed with petroleum-based dyes, these organic pants are dyed with natural plant dyes from oak and logwood.

Oak has natural antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce skin irritation.

Logwood dye is extracted from the heartwood of logwood trees. It has been safely used in Europe since the 1500s, and by the Mayans for hundreds of years before that.

These pants are made with GOTS certified organic cotton fabric and thread. Certification under GOTS requires every company involved in the supply chain to meet specific labor standards for socially responsible textile production.

The fabric is sourced from rural China and then manufactured into pants and naturally garment-dyed in the U.S. by ethical companies that provide their employees fair wages and safe working conditions.

These pants are garment-dyed with natural plant dyes. Not only does garment-dyeing use less dye, but natural plant dyes are the most sustainable type of dye known. Plant dyes do not produce toxic run-off like conventional (and some organic dyes) and plant dyes remove carbon from the air during the plants' growth. In fact, the plants used in plant dyeing actually remove more carbon from the atmosphere during their growth than is released during the dyeing process, meaning plants dyes have a negative carbon footprint, helping to reverse the cause of global climate change.

In addition, these pants are made with GOTS certified organic cotton fabric and thread. GOTS stands for the Global Organic Textile Standard. It's the highest international standard of organic a textile can attain. To be certified under GOTS, every single step in the creation of the cotton product, from the growing of the cotton, to the processing of the cotton into fabric, is reviewed and has to meet strict environmental standards.

  • GOTS certified organic cotton fabric and thread
  • Naturally dyed with oak and logwood
  • Pull on style
  • Internal natural rubber elastic at waist
  • 28.5" elastic waist and 37" total length for size S
  • The model is 5'6" and wearing a size S

  • Care Instructions: Machine wash on the gentle cycle using a mild detergent and without fabric softeners. Tumble dry on low.

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