Marigold-dyed Linen Tee

$ 58 $ 72


$ 58 $ 72


$ 58 $ 72


$ 58 $ 72


Sustainably dyed with marigold petals, this organic linen tee is a lovely sun yellow while being safe for your skin and good for the Earth.

Wouldn't you rather wear marigolds than the industry-standard petroleum-based dyes?

Ethically designed and manufactured in Los Angeles.

Free of petroleum. Made with GOTS certified organic linen fabric, organic cotton thread and organic cotton labels, and dyed with marigolds. 

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Unlike industry-standard petroleum-based dyes, this shirt is dyed with marigold petals.

Marigolds, of the tagetes species used on this shirt, have been traditionally used topically for their astringent and antibiotic properties.  Studies have found that marigolds are high in antioxidants and other enzymes good for the skin, and are currently researching its use as an anti-wrinkle cream.

Ethically made all the way through.

From start to finish, every company involved in Sustain's supply chain provides fair wages and safe working conditions.

Made with GOTS certified organic cotton fabric, and thread - the highest standard in organic. Every single step of in the creation of this shirt, from the growing of the cotton, to making the shirt, is ecofriendly.

Also, plant dyes do not produce toxic run-off like conventional (and other organic dyes) and plant dyes remove carbon from the air during the plants' growth, helping reverse the cause of global climate change.

The model is 5'10" and wearing a size small.

A small is 25" long and 34" at the bust unstretched.

Care Instructions: Machine wash on gentle cycle using a mild pH-neutral detergent and without fabric softeners. To keep this natural linen jersey tee looking its best, hang dry or tumble dry on low until damp and then lay flat to dry.

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