Green Colorgrown Briefs

While many companies are now using organic cotton for undergarments, most still heavily rely on petroleum products for synthetic dyes, thread and elastic. We hate itchy seams and things bad for the environment, so we set out to make the first 100% natural underwear. After a year of researching and designing, we created underwear having a modern silhouette without the dependence on synthetic fabrics or trims. Made with 100% organic cotton fabric and trim and natural rubber elastic, our underwear is available in undyed white, undyed colorgrown organic cotton (yes, cotton grows in color!) and organic plant dyes. 

Ethically designed and manufactured in Los Angeles.

*Due to the strength of the waist elastic, these run a little small. We suggest sizing up one size.

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Did you know cotton grows in different colors? Not just white, but green and brown, even purple. These striped organic briefs are made with organic natural and green colorgrown cotton. No dyes needed.

Also, since we only use organic cotton, these briefs are free from harmful pesticides and free from petroleum-based chemical whiteners, brighteners and fabric softeners. Just pure, clean, organic cotton.

Ethically made all the way through.

Sustain makes sure every company involved in the supply chain is ethical and provides fair wages and safe working conditions.

Made with GOTS certified organic cotton fabric, trim and thread - the highest standard in organic. Every single step of in the creation of these briefs, from the growing of the cotton, to its making, is ecofriendly.

In addition, these briefs are undyed. No dyes equals no runoff and no water used for dyeing.

Made with:

  • 100% GOTS certified organic colorgrown cotton (undyed)
  • 100% organic hemp lining at the curve
  • Natural rubber elastic covered in undyed GOTS certified organic cotton
  • 100% GOTS certified organic cotton sewing thread at the seams (undyed)

The model is 5'2" and wearing a size small. Her waist is 25.5" and hips are 38.5".

Care Instructions: Machine wash on gentle cycle using a mild detergent. Tumble dry low. To make natural colored stripes bolder, wash in hot, alkaline water.

For sanitary reasons, we cannot except returns on briefs.

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