Caring for Plant dyed Apparel

Caring for your plant-dyed apparel is very similar to caring for conventionally-dyed clothing.  You can wear it and wash it like any other piece of clothing.  We suggest washing it on a gentle cycle and using a mild (preferably plant based :) ) pH-neutral detergent to keep the color stronger, longer.

We recommend avoiding fabric softeners, including natural or homemade ones, because strong pH adjusters in some fabric softeners can sometimes effect natural dyes. Sustain's fabrics are organic and naturally soft, and will only continue to get softer with time, without the need for fabric softeners.

Try to store your plant-dyed clothing in a dark place when you are not wearing, to avoid the potential for sun bleaching (which is true for conventionally-dyed clothing as well).  

With this, your plant-dyed apparel will live a long and colorful life.