More than Sustainable

Sustain's goal is to make clothing that is more than just low impact. We create clothing that actually has a positive impact on our world, helping both the environment and the people in it.


Instead of releasing harmful chemicals, our clothing removes them.


wildcrafted medicinal dye plants for ayurvedically dyed organic clothing

Sustain's clothing is made with plants (like cotton and linen) and dyed with plants. Plants remove carbon and other harmful chemicals from the air while they grow.  In fact, the plants we use remove more carbon from the air than is released during our manufacturing process, giving our clothing a negative carbon footprint.
In addition, we use organic fibers, like organic cotton, which uses 90% less water than conventionally grown cotton. And because we don't use synthetic fibers or dyes, which are made from petroleum, we are reducing toxic run-off caused by these materials and reducing our dependence on oil.


We help the environment, and the people in it.

We ensure that everyone in our supply chain is treated according to our high ethical standards. Every company involved meets specific labor standards for socially responsible textile production, including providing safe working conditions and fair wages.

Plus, by using organic plants and plant dyes, the workers in our supply chain aren't subjected to the toxic petrochemicals standard in the fashion industry.