Slow Fashion

Slow Fashion was founded on the principle that our purchases matter. Just like the organic food movement helping change the food industry, our clothing purchases can revolutionize the fashion industry for the better. 


plant dyed scarf


Sustain is built on the three main tenets of Slow Fashion - making GOOD, CLEAN, and FAIR clothing.


yoga in plant dyed clothing



Sustain uses high quality organic fabrics and natural dyes, all locally manufactured in Los Angeles according to the highest quality standards. Our timeless basics last season to season, helping decrease the impact on the environment and your wallet.


Natalie Kay Sustainably Chic with palm trees in ayurvedic indigo top



Unlike conventional and other organic apparel, Sustain's apparel is free of petroleum-based fabrics and dyes. By using 100% natural materials, Sustain's apparel is truly safe for your skin and the environment.


ethical clothing manufacture



Every piece in Sustain's collection is ethically made, from start to finish. Sustain's Ayurvedic collection supports small, marginalized communities in India by helping provide fair wages and safe working conditions, and our remaining collections are locally made and naturally dyed by ethical companies in the U.S., helping support our local industry.